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There has been lots of information hitting social media about Essential Oils.  There is now retail stores carrying many brands of essential oils.  Have you ever wondered, are they safe, how can I use them and are some of the claims of health recovery strategies for real?   


During my own recovery both physically and mentally, I have discovered the power of essential oils and incorporating them into my life for many purposes.  When I chose the organization that I wanted to work with, I chose doTERRA -- not just because their oils are 100% Certified, Pure Therapeutic Grade oils but because of everything they stand for including how they contribute to the welfare of the countries where they are sourced. 

But...the biggest gift that I have received was becoming part of a global community of Wellness Advocates with various backgrounds and experience in Healthy Living options that are changing peoples lives. 


If you are serious about living naturally and learning more about how you can incorporate not only the oils into your life, but also how you can become more aware of your own choices to live a healthy life, send me a note and I would be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Visit my page at: 


Wellness Advocate for doTERRA
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